Platform APIs

The platform APIs provide you with the ability to programmatically perform many of the tasks that users complete manually through the Relativity UI, such as creating workspaces, adding users, and other tasks. By leveraging these APIs, you can streamline the user experience and offer custom functionality by building your own applications. Additionally, the Kepler framework used to implement these APIs is publicly available, so you can optionally implement your own custom services for interacting with Relativity. For more information, see Kepler framework.

The platform APIs consist of HTTP services for REST built on .NET interfaces. These services are implemented based on RESTful architectural principles, so they support stateless interactions, communicate over HTTP, manipulate resources with unique URLs, and follow other RESTful conventions. You can call these services from a .NET application using System.Net.Http.HttpClient, or from other clients as required to meet your development needs.

The following table lists the platform APIs with links to code samples and other content illustrating how to use them through .NET and REST. To explore and download the SDKs containing the .NET APIs, refer to the topic Download the SDKs and NuGet packages

.NET API Documentation REST service Documentation Business Domain Functionality
Agent Manager (.NET) Agent Manager (REST) Infrastructure Manage agents in your Relativity environment.
Analytics Conceptual Index (.NET) Analytics Conceptual Index (REST) Analytics Conceptual Perform Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) and discover related concepts between documents.
Analytics Classification Index (.NET) Analytics Classification Index (REST) Analytics Classification Build a Support Vector Machine (SVM) and predict relevant documents for use in the Active Learning application.
Annotations Manager (.NET) Annotations Manager (REST) Document Viewer Redact and highlight document images.
Application Install (.NET) Application Install (REST) Environment Install applications into one or more workspaces, cancel pending installations, retrieve the status of application installations, and resolve conflicts for failed application installations.
ARM (.NET) ARM API (REST) ARM Archive, restore, and move Relativity workspace data, and view information on currently running ARM jobs or to list available workspaces or ARM archives.
Audit (.NET) Audit (REST) Audit Revert, retrieve, and search Relativity audit records stored in Elasticsearch
Automated Workflows (.NET) Automated Workflows (REST) Automated workflows Integrate with the Automated Workflows framework to register actions, register triggers and send triggers.
Authentication provider type (.NET) Authentication provider type (REST) Identity (authentication and user accounts) Enable and disable authentication protocols in use by Relativity.
Batches Manager (.NET) Batches Manager (REST) Review Retrieve information about existing batches as well as checking batches in and out.
Batch Sets Manager (.NET) Batch Sets Manager (REST) Review Perform CRUD operations for batch sets, and create/purge batches for a batch set.
(Not available as a .NET API) Billing Insights (REST) Billing Retrieve billing data to check billing metrics breakdown for instance, workspace, matter, and client; check peak values and current usage for the whole instance or specific workspaces; retrieve billing user details
Choice Manager (.NET) Choice Manager (REST) Object Model Retrieve choice types and choice servers, and perform CRUD operations and massive operations on choices.
Client Manager (.NET) Client Manager (REST) Identity (authentication and user accounts) Perform CRUD operations on clients; retrieve lists of available groups, matters, users, and statuses; and create, submit, and retry client domain activation keys.
Cold Storage Manager (.NET) Cold Storage Manager (REST) Cold Storage

Move or delete workspaces in or out of cold storage. Provides endpoints that help to determine if a given workspace is in cold storage or if users have permission to manage cold storage workspaces.

Document File Manager (.NET) Document File Manager (REST) Object Model Download native, image, and produced image files associated with documents.
dtSearch Manager (.NET) dtSearch Manager (REST) dtSearch Manage (e.g. build and activate) dtSearch Indexes.
Document Viewer Services (.NET) Document Viewer Services (REST) Document Viewer Request the conversion of documents to supported viewer types (such as native, image, production, and transcript types); convert files contained in File fields on Relativity Dynamic Objects (RDOs)
Error Manager (.NET) Error Manager (REST) Environment Create errors that can be displayed in the Error tab.
Event Handler Manager (.NET) Event Handler Manager (REST) Extensibility Attach and detach event handlers to an object type; retrieve a list of event handlers in a workspace; retrieve a list of event handlers currently attached to an object type.
Export (.NET) Export (REST) Environment Export applications as a RAP file or schema file.
Federated Instance Manager (.NET) Federated Instance Manager (REST) Identity (authentication and user accounts) Interact with federated instances that enable users to seamlessly switch between multiple Relativity instances.
Field Manager (.NET) Field Manager (REST) Object Model Perform CRUD operations on fields; retrieve field information on object types; and perform other supporting helper functions related to Fields.
Field Mapping Manager Field Mapping Manager (REST) Processing Perform operations related to mapping fields between Relativity and an external data source.
Field Size API Field Size API Text Storage Use the Text Field Size to return the size of text in any fixed length or long text field.
File Field Manager (.NET) File Field Manager (REST) Object Model Upload and download files linked to file fields.
Folder Manager (.NET) Folder Manager (REST)   Manipulate folder structures in the Relativity UI framework; create, update, or move a folder, query for folders, retrieve the root or children in a folder tree, delete empty folders; monitor progress of the delete operation on folders.
Group Manager (.NET) Group Manager (REST) Identity (authentication and user accounts) Perform CRUD operations on groups; add and remove users from a group.
Imaging (.NET) Imaging API (REST) Imaging Interact with imaging profiles, sets, jobs, and other related components.
Instance Setting Manager (.NET) Instance Setting Manager (REST) Environment Perform CRUD operations on Instance Settings; set values for Instance Settings.
Keyboard Shortcuts Manager (.NET) Keyboard Shortcuts Manager (REST) Review Retrieve all or a subset of keyboard shortcuts for a workspace; retrieve information about the actions that the shortcuts trigger.
Keyword Search Manager (.NET) for saved searches Keyword Search Manager (REST) for saved searches Keyword Search Perform CRUD and query operations on a KeywordSearch DTO; interact with saved searches; retrieve saved search parameters available in the workspace (such as fields, search owners, search indexes).
Layout Manager (.NET) Layout Manager (REST) Data Visualization Perform CRUD operations to manipulate layouts in your Relativity environment; retrieve a list of users with permissions necessary to own layouts.
Library Application (.NET) Library Application (REST) Environment Read application metadata and RAP files from the library, upload new applications, and update or delete existing applications.
Login Profile Manager (.NET) Login Profile Manager (REST) Identity (authentication and user accounts) Configure Relativity's Authentication Profile and user Login Profiles.
Mass Operation Manager (.NET) Mass Operation Manager (REST) Extensibility Perform CRUD operations for mass operations; retrieve information about object types that be associated with a mass operation and available event handlers and layouts for use with a mass operation.
Matter Manager (.NET) Matter Manager (REST) Environment Perform CRUD operations on matters; retrieve available clients and statuses.
Notifications Manager (MotD) - (.NET) Notifications Manager (MotD) - (REST) Infrastructure Exposes methods for reading, updating, and dismissing the MotD. It also includes methods for determining whether the MotD has been dismissed, and whether it is displayed as plain text or HTML.
OAuth2 Client Manager (.NET) OAuth2 Client Manager (REST) Identity (authentication and user accounts) Perform CRUD operations against a Relativity instance's OAuth2Clients. (OAuth2 clients allow you to configure external services and applications to authenticate against Relativity in a secure manner.)
Object Manager (.NET) Object Manager (REST) Object Manager Work with Document objects and Relativity Dynamic Objects (RDOs), for example creating RDOs and setting values on their associated fields, updating fields on Document objects or RDOs, modifying the field types currently available on a Relativity object, reading fields on Document objects or RDOs, retrieving a list of dependent objects prior to deleting a specific object, performing mass operations to create RDOs, or to update and delete Document objects or RDOs, exporting objects, and retrieving Workspaces, Documents, RDOs and system types.
Object Rule Manager (.NET) Object Rule Manager (REST) Data Visualization Perform CRUD operations to manage object rules that customize the behavior of the object types that you create; retrieve information about associative objects, layouts, choices and choice fields used when creating or updating an object rule.
Object Type Manager (.NET) Object Type Manager (REST) Object Model Perform CRUD operations on object types; retrieve parent object types and dependent objects.
Permission Manager (.NET) Permission Manager (REST) Identity (authentication and user accounts) Assign system-defined permissions on the admin, workspace, and item level; create, update, and delete custom permissions for RDOs; read and query system-defined permissions and custom permissions.
Pivot Manager (.NET) Pivot Manager (REST) Pivot Run queries based on existing Pivot profiles; create and run custom Pivot queries and pass query results to another application.
Processing APIs (.NET) Processing APIs (REST) Processing Create and update custodians, data sources, processing sets and profiles required for processing; run inventory, discovery, and publishing jobs.
Processing Filter Manager Processing Filter Manager (REST) Processing Create, update and delete filters; apply filters to data and retrieve the filtered data; retrieve filters associated with a data source or available in a specific workspace.
Production Data Source Manager (.NET) Production Data Source Manager (REST) Production Perform CRUD operations on production data sources; retrieve default field values for a production data source.
Production Manager (.NET) Production Manager (REST) Production Create, delete, stage, run, and perform other tasks with production sets; retrieve default fields on a production; set and remove production restrictions defined in a workspace; retrieve information about production jobs such as status, progress, and production results; retrieve information about production errors and document conflicts; retrieve, run, stage and cancel re-production jobs.
Production Placeholder Manager (.NET) Production Placeholder Manager (REST) Production Perform CRUD operations on placeholders; retrieve default field values for a placeholder.
Production Queue Manager (.NET) Production Queue Manager (REST) Production Cancel a single or multiple production jobs; retry multiple jobs or set the priority for jobs; identify the jobs for canceling or retrying by mass operation token or Artifact ID
Re-production Job Manager (.NET) Re-production Job Manager (REST) Production Create re-production jobs; retrieve re-production job IDs; retrieve re-production job statuses.
Resource File (.NET) Resource File (REST) Environment Perform CRUD operations on resource files; download resource files, update/upload file content and metadata; read all eligible applications.
Resource Server / Resource Pool (.NET / REST) Resource Server / Resource Pool (.NET / REST) Infrastructure Provide API endpoints to interact with Relativity servers
Script Manager (.NET) Script Manager (REST) Extensibility Add, delete, and modify a SQL script; retrieve script input parameters; preview a script; import a script; queue a script to run; retrieve the status of a script; query and export action results; export script report; clean up script results
Search Provider (.NET) Search Provider (REST) Extensibility Perform CRUD operations against Search Providers (Keyword search provider, dtSearch provider, Analytics search provider); retrieve search provider metadata.
Search Terms Report Services (.NET) Search Terms Report Services (REST) Search Terms Report Generate a search terms report; add terms to an existing search terms report; retry errors; view the build progress of a search terms report.
Short Message Viewer Manager (.NET) Short Message Viewer Manager (REST) Document Viewer Retrieve the JSON, attachments and participant information for short messages; validate the Relativity Short Message Format (RSMF); create new documents based on a subset of messages.
Structured Analytics Job Manager (.NET) Structured Analytics Job Manager (REST) Structured Analytics Run an analysis of a structured analytics set; check the status of the analysis; retrieve document and set errors; monitor progress and cancel analysis.
System Artifact Manager (.NET) System Artifact Manager (REST) Object Model Retrieve the System artifactID for an application that creates top-level tabs or object types.
Tab Manager (.NET) Tab Manager (REST) Data Visualization Perform CRUD operations against tabs; retrieve information about the display order of tabs, parent tabs, and available object types that can be associated with tabs; retrieve workspace-level metadata for admin and system tabs.
User Manager (.NET) User Manager (REST) Identity (authentication and user accounts) Perform CRUD operations on users; read and update settings of current users; retrieve the available user types; retrieve all users from a workspace or admin-level context.
View Manager (.NET) View Manager (REST) Data Visualization Create, read, and update Relativity views; retrieve user permissions on a view and the fields used in the search conditions on the view; retrieve list of workspace users who can be assigned ownership of a view; retrieve a list of object types in a workspace.
Workspace Manager (.NET) Workspace Manager (REST) Environment Perform CRUD operations on workspaces; retrieve lists of available resources such as matters, clients, and others; retrieve information about advanced settings such as workspace statuses and full text languages for the SQL Server; retrieve Azure credentials.