HTTP APIs are widely-used APIs that are callable over the network via HTTP protocol.

These APIs provide access to functionality across a broad range of business areas (e.g., Object Model, Structured Analytics, Infrastructure). HTTP APIs are a good starting point for developers looking to interact with the backend of Relativity. Documented for REST or .NET consumption.

There are two main ways developers can use HTTP APIs:

  • The Relativity platform exposes .NET interfaces that you can use to build HTTP services.
  • The Relativity platform supports HTTP services for REST built on .NET interfaces.

The following table lists the HTTP .NET APIs that are available and the related service available in REST.

Note: For information about building and consuming custom services, see Kepler framework.

Relativity HTTP API 

API (.NET) REST service Release version*
Agent Manager (.NET) Agent Manager (REST) RelativityOne
Analytics Conceptual Index (.NET) Analytics Conceptual Index (REST) Relativity
Analytics Search Manager (.NET) Analytics Search Manager (REST) RelativityOne
Application Install (.NET) Application Install (REST) RelativityOne
ARM (.NET) ARM API (REST) RelativityOne
Audit (.NET) Audit (REST) RelativityOne
Authentication provider type (.NET) Authentication provider type (REST) Relativity
Choice Manager (.NET) Choice Manager (REST) RelativityOne
Client Manager (.NET) Client Manager (REST) Relativity
Document File Manager (.NET) Document File Manager (REST) RelativityOne
dtSearch Manager (.NET) dtSearch Manager (REST) Relativity
Legacy dtSearch Manager (.NET) Legacy dtSearch Manager (REST) RelativityOne
Document Viewer Services (.NET) Document Viewer Services (REST) Relativity 9.5.370.136
Error Manager (.NET) Error Manager (REST)
Event Handler Manager (.NET) Event Handler Manager (REST) RelativityOne
Federated Instance Manager (.NET) Federated Instance Manager (REST) Relativity
Field Manager (.NET) Field Manager (REST) RelativityOne
Field Mapping (.NET) Field Mapping (REST) Relativity
File Field Manager (.NET) File Field Manager (REST) RelativityOne
Folder Manager (.NET) Folder Manager (REST) Relativity
Group Manager (.NET) Group Manager (REST) RelativityOne
Imaging (.NET) Imaging API (REST) Relativity 9.5.350.16
Instance Setting Manager (.NET) Instance Setting Manager (REST) RelativityOne
Keyboard Shortcuts Manager (.NET) Keyboard Shortcuts Manager (REST) RelativityOne
Keyword Search Manager (.NET) Keyword Search Manager (REST) RelativityOne
Library Application (.NET) Library Application (REST) RelativityOne
Login Profile Manager (.NET) Login Profile Manager (REST) Relativity
Mass Operation Manager (.NET) Mass Operation Manager (REST) RelativityOne
Matter Manager (.NET) Matter Manager (REST) RelativityOne
Notifications Manager (MotD) - (.NET) Notifications Manager (MotD) - (REST) Relativity
OAuth2 Client Manager (.NET) OAuth2 Client Manager (REST) Relativity
Object Manager (.NET) Object Manager (REST) Relativity
Legacy Object Query Manager (.NET) Legacy Object Query Manager (REST) Relativity
Object Rule Manager (.NET) Object Rule Manager (REST) RelativityOne
Object Type Manager (.NET) Object Type Manager (REST) RelativityOne
Permission Manager (.NET) Permission Manager (REST) Relativity
Pivot Manager (.NET) Pivot Manager (REST) Relativity

Production Manager (.NET)

Production Manager (REST)


Production Data Source Manager (.NET)

Production Data Source Manager (REST)

Relativity 9.3.418.9

Production Manager (.NET)

Production Manager (REST)

Relativity 9.3.332.21
Production Placeholder Manager (.NET)

Production Placeholder Manager (REST)

Relativity 9.3.332.21
Resource File (.NET) Resource File (REST)
Resource Server / Resource Pool (.NET / REST) Resource Server / Resource Pool (.NET / REST)
Script Manager (.NET) Script Manager (REST)
Search Container Manager (.NET) Search Container Manager (REST) RelativityOne
Search Provider (.NET) Search Provider (REST) RelativityOne
Search Terms Report Services (.NET) Search Terms Report Services (REST) RelativityOne
Structured Analytics (.NET) Structured Analytics Manager (REST) Relativity
System Artifact Manager (.NET) System Artifact Manager (REST) RelativityOne
Tab Manager (.NET) Tab Manager (REST) RelativityOne
User Manager (.NET) User Manager (REST) RelativityOne
View Fields Manager (.NET) View Fields Manager (REST) RelativityOne
View Manager (.NET) View Manager (REST) Relativity
Workspace Manager (.NET) Workspace Manager (REST) RelativityOne

*Indicates the earliest RelativityOne version that supports the API. Additionally, RelativityOne supports all APIs available before its release, including versions and below.

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