OAuth2 Client Manager (REST)

OAuth2 clients allow you to configure external services and applications to authenticate against Relativity in a secure manner. For example, a client application can present the user with the Relativity login page to get an access token to call Relativity APIs. The application can then call the APIs to perform tasks for customizing e-discovery workflows and automation.

The OAuth2 Client Manager service allows you to interact with OAuth2 Clients from browser-based and cross-platform applications. The service provides the same set of operations as the .NET interface. See OAuth2 Client Manager (.NET).

This page contains the following information:

OAuth2 Client Manager fundamentals

The URLs for REST endpoints contain path parameters that you need to set before making a call:

  • Set the {versionNumber} placeholder to the version of the REST API that you want to use, using the format lowercase v and the version number, for example v1 or v2
  • Set other path parameters in the URLs to the Artifact ID of a given entity, for example setting {workspaceID} to the Artifact ID of a workspace.
  • Note: To indicate the admin-level context, set the {workspaceID} path parameter to -1.

Refer to OAuth2 Client Manager fundamentals for more information.

Create an OAuth2 client specifying the flow and redirectUris

Create an OAuth2 client using OAuth2Client objects

Regenerate a client secret

Read an OAuth2 client

Read all OAuth2 clients

Delete an OAuth2 client