Login Profile Manager (.NET)

The login profile defines how an individual user logs into Relativity by setting user-specific options for each provider in the authentication profile. Each entry in the user's login profile corresponds to a matching entry in the environment's authentication profile, such as Provider in the environment for Password, Integrated Authentication, Active Directory, RSA, and Client Certificate.

The Login Profile Manager API is uses to configure authentication profiles and user login profiles:

  • Authentication profile - The authentication profile is a collection of authentication providers which user login methods are created from. For example, the authentication profile is where you configure Password settings such as min and max password length. It also is where you define external identity providers that use the OpenID Connect and SAML protocols. How you configure your authentication profile determines how the look and behavior of the Relativity login page.
  • Login profile - While the authentication profile applies to the environment, each user has a Login Profile that defines the user-specific options for various providers on the authentication profile. Each entry in the user's Login Profile corresponds to a matching entry in the environment's authentication profile. Each user automatically has a login profile upon creation, and you cannot delete that profile.

You can interact with the Login Profile Manager using the ILoginProfileManager interface. The methods on the interface allow you to retrieve and update a user's login profile and Relativity's authentication profile. You can also send out login invitation emails and manually set passwords.

You can also use the Login Profile Manager API through REST. For more information, see Login Profile Manager (REST).

This page contains the following information:

The Relativity.Identity.SDK contains this API. For compatibility and package installation instructions, see Download the SDKs and NuGet packages.

Fundamentals for the Login Profile Manager API

Review the following information to learn about the methods and classes used by the Login Profile Manager API.

Guidelines for the Login Profile Manager API

Before programmatically interacting with login profiles, familiarize yourself with the Relativity authentication provider user interface and review the information in the RelativityOne Documentation site. Note there is a strong correlation between the API operations and object properties and the user interface elements.

Use these guidelines when working with authentication methods:

  • The user must have the permissions required for working with Relativity login methods.
  • Login methods are interacted with through the user login method profile. The profile is the collection of all the methods for that user.
  • There can only be one method instance for each authentication provider.
  • A user can only have one of the following provider type methods active at any one time: Password, RSA, Active Directory.

Read a user login profile and create a login method

The following code sample shows how to read in a User Login Profile and create a login method for an OpenIDConnect provider.