Imaging (.NET)

The Imaging API supports programmatically interacting with imaging profiles, sets, jobs, and other related components:

  • The interfaces for imaging jobs include methods for running and canceling jobs, updating priorities on jobs, and retrying jobs with errors.
  • The interfaces for imaging profiles, imaging sets, and application field codes support all CRUD operations. The imaging set service provides additional functionality used to hide and release images during a quality control review, while the native type service includes functionality for reading native file types supported by Relativity.
  • Additional interfaces provide methods for retrieving imaging status information for documents and managing your imaging environment.

Sample use cases for the imaging services include:

  • Use the imaging services to automate a workflow for running imaging jobs rather than manually performing these tasks through the Relativity UI.
  • Implement an application with a custom UI that displays information about imaging profiles, imaging sets, and jobs based on specific requirements from your organization.

You can also use the Imaging API through REST. For more information, see Imaging API (REST).

Note: The Imaging API is now versioned in the Osier release. The content on this page illustrates how to use this new versioned API. However, you can continue to use the legacy Imaging API with the Osier release although you should consider implementing any new functionality with the versioned Imaging API. For legacy documentation, see Imaging API on the Relativity Server 2021 Developers site.

This page contains the following information:

Imaging API fundamentals

The Imaging API contains the methods, classes, and enumerations required to run imaging jobs and perform other related tasks.

SDK for Imaging API

The Imaging API is released as a NuGet package that you can reference in your Visual Studio projects. For more information, see Download the SDKs and NuGet packages.

Imaging Profile Manager

An imaging profile defines a set of options that you can use when imaging a group of documents. It may include options for controlling how spreadsheets, emails, or other document types are imaged, such as page orientation, or other specialized settings. For general information, see Imaging profiles on the RelativityOne Documentation site.

The Imaging Profile Manager API supports create, read, update, and delete operations on imaging profiles.

Imaging Set Manager

To running an imaging job, you need to create an imaging set, which consists of an imaging profile and a search containing the documents to image. The Imaging Set Manager API provides supports create, read, update, and delete operations on imaging sets. It also supports the hide and release operations used for a QC Review of imaged documents. For general information, see Imaging sets and QC Review on the RelativityOne Documentation site.

Native Type Manager

You can retrieve native file types supported by Relativity for imaging. For general information, see Imaging native types on the RelativityOne Documentation site.

Application Field Code Manager

Microsoft applications use fields codes as placeholders for data that may be updated or used for other specialized purposes in their documents, such as those created in Word, Excel, or others. In Relativity, application field codes indicate how to handle field codes used in Microsoft documents during imaging. For general information, see Application Field Codes on the RelativityOne Documentation site.

Use the Application Field Code Manager API to create, read, update, or delete application field codes.

Imaging Job Manager

Use the Imaging Job Manager API to run jobs to image documents, cancel a job currently executing on an imaging set, or retry errors that occurred during a job. For general information, see Running an imaging set and Imaging errors on the RelativityOne Documentation site.

Document Status Manager

Use the method on the Document Status Manager API to obtain status information about the imaging job for a document.

Imaging Environment Manager

Use the methods on the Imaging Environment Manager API to remove inactive jobs and to obtain the size of mass imaging jobs.

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