dtSearch Manager (REST)

Relativity's dtSearch engine provides advanced search functionality such as proximity, stemming, fuzzy searches, and Boolean operators. For more information, see dtSearch on the RelativityOne Documentation site.

In order to perform a dtSearch search, you must build and activate a dtSearch index. The dtSearch Index Manager API exposes these operations, and others, letting you programmatically manage dtSearch Indexes. A sample use case for the dtSearch Manager API is creating a custom application to programmatically run through the stages of index build rather than manually performing these tasks through the Relativity UI.

You can also use the dtSearch Manager API services through the .NET interfaces. These interfaces support the same functionality as available through REST. For more information, see dtSearch Manager API.


The URLs for REST endpoints contain path parameters that you need to set before making a call:

  • Set the {versionNumber} placeholder to the version of the REST API that you want to use, using the format lowercase v and the version number, for example v1 or v2
  • Set other path parameters in the URLs to the Artifact ID of a given entity, for example setting {workspaceID} to the Artifact ID of a workspace.
  • Note: To indicate the admin-level context, set the {workspaceID} path parameter to -1.

For example, you can use the following URL to create a dtSearch:


Set the path parameters as follows:

  • {versionNumber} to the version of the API, such as v1
  • {workspaceID} to the Artifact ID of the workspace where the search should be added.


All operations are available in both REST and .NET. For REST endpoints, see .NET examples. For input and output details, see dtSearch Class Library Reference.