User Manager (.NET)

You add users to a Relativity environment to provide individuals with access to it. After creating users, you can add them to groups and assign permissions to the groups in various workspaces. For more information, see Users in the RelativityOne Documentation site.

The User Manager API exposes methods that provide the following functionality:

  • Supports CRUD operations on users.
  • Helper methods for retrieving user types and groups to associate with users.
  • Helper methods for retrieving and querying on lists of users.

As a sample use case, you might use this API to implement a custom tool for importing users into Relativity. You could retrieve user information for display in a custom application.

You can also use the User Manager API through REST. For more information, see User Manager (REST).

The Relativity.Identity.SDK contains this API. For compatibility and package installation instructions, see Download the SDKs and NuGet packages.

Fundamentals for the User Manager API

Review the following information to learn about the methods and classes used by the User Manager API.

Guidelines for the User Manager API

Use the following sample workflow to add users to your Relativity environment:

  1. Retrieve a list of user types available in a Relativity environment. See Retrieve all available types for users.
  2. Retrieve a list of available clients. You can use the Object Manager to query for clients.
  3. Add the user. See Create a user.

Create a user

Retrieve metadata for a user

Retrieve settings for the current user

Update properties for a user

Update settings for the current user

Delete a user

Helper methods for querying on users

The User Manager service exposes multiple helper methods that you can use to query for information about users.

Retrieve all available types for users

Retrieve all users for a workspace

Query for users in a workspace