Relativity Import Service API

The Relativity Import Service API is a Kepler service that provides functionality for importing large numbers of documents, images, and Relativity Dynamic Objects (RDOs) into a Relativity workspace. The import process operates on structured data sets that are described by load files located in a place accessible by workspaces. The main principle of operation is based on creating import jobs with a list of data sets.

You are able to create, configure, and run an import job. Data sets you want to import can be added as a source to the job. The system will add this source to the queue, schedule, and start to import data in the destination workspace, and if necessary, resume the import process.

Job and datasource configurations allow you to flexibly adjust the import to your needs. In addition, the adopted error handling helps you to identify the source of potential problems.

Note: Import Service is delivered as a RAP application installed in RelativityOne.

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The Relativity Import SDK package contains interfaces for interacting with Relativity Import APIs via .NET.


The Relativity Import Models SDK package contains contracts models for interacting with Relativity Import APIs via .NET.