Data Import and Export APIs

Data import and export APIs provide versatile options for transferring data to and from Relativity. The following APIs expose interfaces through the .NET Framework for custom solutions to data manipulation:

  • Import API - supports functionality for programmatically importing large numbers of documents, images, and Relativity Dynamic Objects (RDOs) to a workspace. It facilitates the development of custom import utilities by providing methods for retrieving production sets, workspace fields, and performing other tasks.
  • Transfer API - supports building application components that connect to Relativity and stream data from external sources into Relativity storage using different transfer protocols, for example, SMB and Aspera. You can also stream data from Relativity. Unlike the Import API, TAPI does not create Relativity objects associated with the data, such as documents or RDOs.
  • Integration Points API - offers a framework for developing custom providers for importing data to Relativity Dynamic Objects (RDOs) or other types of objects. It supports the integration of custom providers that ingest data in XML, JSON, SQL databases, or other formats. You can make these customer providers available to users through the Relativity UI.