Resource Server / Resource Pool (.NET / REST)

The Resource Server / Resource Pool APIs provide endpoints to interact with Relativity servers. The type of interaction is based on the type of server. All server types support read and update operations. Some server types also support create and delete operations, console actions, and other operations.

Use cases for these APIs include:

  • Checking the status of Relativity servers
  • Manipulating agents
  • Restarting services on servers
  • Manipulating server credentials

You can download the Relativity.Infrastructure.SDK to use the service through .NET.

The Relativity.Infrastructure.SDK contains this API. For compatibility and package installation instructions, see Download the SDKs and NuGet packages.

You can also use this service through REST. The Infrastructure package linked above contains an OpenAPI.json file that should be used with the Swagger workflow to review the available REST API endpoint documentation for Resource Server / Resource Pool operations.

This page contains the following information:

Resource Server / Resource Pool fundamentals


The service is accessible by instantiating a proxy using contracts defined in the Relativity.Infrastructure.{versionNumber} namespace.

For general actions on resource servers, use the nuget package and a proxy for a contract. This proxy allows one to retrieve available server types, eligible server status values as well as metadata for a particular server, without specifying the type.

Note: The methods on these APIs operate on the admin level context. Ensure that users have appropriate permissions.

REST guidelines

The URLs for REST endpoints contain path parameters that you need to set before making a call:

  • Set the {versionNumber} placeholder to the version of the REST API that you want to use, using the format lowercase v and the version number, for example v1 or v2
  • Set other path parameters in the URLs to the Artifact ID of a given entity, for example setting {workspaceID} to the Artifact ID of a workspace.
  • Note: To indicate the admin-level context, set the {workspaceID} path parameter to -1.

Server types

The following table pairs the Server Type in Relativity to the relevant API interface namespace.

Server Type on Servers tab in Relativity API interface namespaces
Agent Relativity.Infrastructure.{versionNumber}.AgentServerManager.IAgentServerManager
Analytics Server Relativity.Infrastructure.{versionNumber}.AnalyticsServer.IAnalyticsServerManager
Cache Location Server Relativity.Infrastructure.{versionNumber}.CacheLocationServer.ICacheLocationServerManager
Fileshare Relativity.Infrastructure.{versionNumber}.FileRepositoryServer.IFileRepositoryServerManager
any type Relativity.Infrastructure.{versionNumber}.ResourceServer.IResourceServerManager
Services Relativity.Infrastructure.{versionNumber}.ServicesServer.IServicesServerManager
SQL - Distributed Relativity.Infrastructure.{versionNumber}.SQLDistributed.ISqlDistributedServerManager
SQL - Primary Relativity.Infrastructure.{versionNumber}.SQLPrimary.ISqlPrimaryServerManager
WebAPI:Forms Authentication Relativity.Infrastructure.{versionNumber}.WebApiFormsAuthServerManager.IWebApiFormsAuthServerManager
WebAPI Relativity.Infrastructure.{versionNumber}.WebApiServer.IWebApiServerManager
WebAPI:AD Authentication Relativity.Infrastructure.{versionNumber}.WebApiWindowsAuthServer.IWebApiWindowsAuthServerManager
Web Background Processing Relativity.Infrastructure.{versionNumber}.WebBackgroundProcessingServer.IWebBackgroundProcessingServerManager
Web - Distributed:Forms Authentication Relativity.Infrastructure.{versionNumber}.WebDistributedFormsAuthServer.IWebDistributedFormsAuthServerManager
Web - Distributed Relativity.Infrastructure.{versionNumber}.WebDistributedServer.IWebDistributedServerManager
Web - Distributed:AD Authentication Relativity.Infrastructure.{versionNumber}.WebDistributedWindowsAuthServer.IWebDistributedWindowsAuthServerManager
Web:Forms Authentication Relativity.Infrastructure.{versionNumber}.WebFormsAuthServer.IWebFormsAuthServerManager
Web Relativity.Infrastructure.{versionNumber}.WebServerManager.IWebServerManager
Web:AD Authentication Relativity.Infrastructure.{versionNumber}.WebWindowsAuthServer.IWebWindowsAuthServerManager
Worker Manager Server Relativity.Infrastructure.{versionNumber}.WorkerManagerServer.IWorkerManagerServerManager
Worker Relativity.Infrastructure.{versionNumber}.WorkerServer.IWorkerServerManager