OAuth2 Client Manager (.NET)

The OAuth2Client Manager API allows you to perform CRUD operations for your Relativity instance's OAuth2Clients. OAuth2 clients allow you to configure external services and applications to authenticate against Relativity in a secure manner.

For example, a client application can present the user with the Relativity login page to get an access token to call Relativity APIs. The application can then call the APIs to perform tasks for customizing e-discovery workflows and automation.

You can programmatically interact with OAuth2 Clients using the IOAuth2ClientManager interface. You can also use the OAuth2 Client Manager (REST) for cross-platform and browser-based applications.

This page contains the following information:

The Relativity.Identity.SDK contains this API. For compatibility and package installation instructions, see Download the SDKs and NuGet packages.

OAuth2 Client Manager fundamentals

Familiarize yourself with the Relativity OAuth2 Client user interface and review the information in the RelativityOne Documentation site. Note there is a strong correlation between the API operations and object properties and the user interface elements.

Use these guidelines when working with OAuth2 Clients:

  • The Relativity user accessing the API must have the permissions required for working with OAuth2 client objects.
  • Before creating a Relativity OAuth2 client, you must correctly identify the flow (grant type) required by the client application. The supported flows are defined by the OAuth2Flow enum and include:
    • Implicit (0)
    • Code (1)
    • ClientCredentials (2)
    • ResourceOwner (3)
  • A typical programming workflow includes first creating an OAuth2 client object, and then specifying how long the access token granted to the client is valid.
  • Occasionally it may be necessary to regenerate the client secret for security purposes. The reset can take effect immediately or with a specified delay.
  • System OAuth2 clients can't be deleted.



Code samples

Create an OAuth2 client

Update an OAuth2 client

Regenerate a client secret