Download the SDKs and NuGet packages

You can obtain the SDKs required to extend core functionality and implement custom applications using one of the following methods:

  • NuGet packages - Click the NuGet links in the table below to download the SDK from the NuGet web site. For information on setting up and using a NuGet package, see Quickstart: Install and use a package in Visual Studio on the Microsoft website. See the Compatibility Information links for more information on the compatibility of NuGet packages with Relativity versions, information about release notes and dependencies needed for NuGet compatibility, and application compatibility.
  • SDK installers - Click SDK download in the following table to download the SDK installer from the Relativity Community site.
SDK/API Name Compatibility Information Download link
Agent Relativity.Agent Version Compatibility Relativity.Agent NuGet
Relativity.Analytics.Classification.SDK Relativity.Analytics.Classification.SDK Version Compatibility Relativity.Analytics.Classification.SDK NuGet
Analytics Index Manager API SDK   SDK download
API Helpers (Relativity.API) Relativity.API Version Compatibility Relativity.API NuGet
ARM (Relativity.ARM.SDK) Relativity.ARM.SDK Version Compatibility Relativity.ARM.SDK Nuget
Audit APIs Relativity.Audit.SDK Version Compatibility Relativity.Audit.Services.SDK NuGet
Conceptual Analytics Relativity.Analytics.Conceptual.SDK Version Compatibility Relativity.Analytics.Conceptual.SDK NuGet
Custom pages Relativity.CustomPages Version Compatibility Relativity.CustomPages NuGet
Data Exchange Client SDK (Import API) Relativity.DataExchange.Client.SDK Version Compatibility Relativity.DataExchange.Client.SDK NuGet
DataVisualization SDK Relativity.DataVisualization.SDK Version Compatibility Relativity.DataVisualization.SDK NuGet
Document Viewer Services SDK   SDK download
Event handlers Relativity.EventHandler Version Compatibility Relativity.EventHandler NuGet
Extensibility APIs Relativity.Extensibility.SDK Version Compatibility Relativity.Extensibility.SDK NuGet
Imaging (.NET) Relativity.Imaging.SDK Version Compatibility Relativity.Imaging.SDK NuGet
Integration Points SDK   SDK download - v11.1.0.16*
SDK download - v10.2.23.7**
Kepler API SDK Relativity.Kepler Version Compatibility Relativity.Kepler NuGet
Object Manager API Relativity.ObjectManager.SDK Version Compatibility  
Object Model API Relativity.ObjectModel.SDK Version Compatibility  
Processing API SDK Relativity.Processing.SDK Version Compatibility Relativity.Processing.SDK NuGet
Production APIs Relativity.Productions.SDK Version Compatibility Relativity.Productions.Client NuGet
Review SDK Relativity.Review.SDK Version Compatibility Relativity.Review.SDK NuGet
Relativity.Services.DataContracts.SDK Relativity.Services.DataContracts SDK Version Compatibility  
Relativity.Shared.SDK Relativity.Shared SDK Version Compatibility Relativity.Shared.SDK NuGet
Relativity.Transfer.Client.SDK Relativity.Transfer.Client Version Compatibility Relativity.Transfer.Client NuGet
Short Message Format Validator SDK   Relativity.RSMFU.Validator.SDK NuGet
Structured Analytics SDK   SDK download

*The Integration Points SDK - v11.1.0.16 is compatible with RelativityOne Juniper early access release and above.
**The Integration Points SDK - v10.2.23.7 is compatible with RelativityOne through the Indigo release.

Note: To obtain older versions of the SDKs, search on the name or version number in the Community, and then select the Files tab in the search results. You can also find the a list of downloads on the Files page under Libraries.

RelativityOne SDK

The RelativityOne SDK includes the libraries required for programming with agents, custom pages, event handlers, the Services API, and the API Helpers. It also includes utilities to facilitate working with the APIs and additional code samples.

The RelativityOne production release is currently deployed in the cloud platform. The RelativityOne preview or sandbox release will be pushed to the cloud platform during the next release cycle. Use the RelativityOne SDK that fits your development goals:

  • If you are developing a custom application to deploy in the current RelativityOne release, download the production version.
  • If you want to test applications or add customizations for use on the next release of RelativityOne, download the preview version. When the RelativityOne preview release is pushed to the production environment, this version of the SDK will be compatible with it.

Make sure that you use the proper SDK for your environment. Don't use the Preview/Sandbox release on the current production environment.

Relativity version Relativity SDK version
RelativityOne Osier production release RelativityOne SDK
RelativityOne Osier production release (UK-EU-AU) RelativityOne SDK (UK-EU-AU)

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