RelativityOne Developer News

Welcome to the developer news page! This topic describes upcoming changes, the status of ongoing initiatives, and noteworthy release and deprecation changes that may impact Relativity Developers. You can also review and subscribe to postings on the Relativity Developer Group for more announcements.

Note: Due to differences in deployment and update schedules, the items listed below may not yet exist in all environments on the date indicated.

Coming Soon

This section describes notable upcoming functionality and changes that may interest Relativity developers. This includes potential breaking changes that you may need to prepare for. Refer to the Upcoming Changes section in the Platform Change log for more upcoming changes information.


This section highlights current initiatives, programs or other ongoing improvements that may impact Relativity developers. These initiatives may span multiple product updates or versions, so check back often for the latest updates.

Released Items

This section describes released items noteworthy to Relativity Developers. You can also review the RelativityOne release notes topic in the User Guide for a comprehensive list of released changes, and for a comprehensive sortable and filter-able list of changes impacting developers, please see the Platform change log table. You can also refer to the API version compatibility and release notes collection in GitHub to review changes and updates for APIs available via NuGet.