Extend the Relativity Platform

Relativity exposes several Extensibility Points that allow you to extend Relativity in almost any way imaginable, and are particularly well-suited for complex use cases or significant extensions to the platform. For example, you may want to create custom pages, modify the user interface, create your own agents, or create your own event handlers. These Extensibility Points require you to write code in the .NET Framework, and then deploy the code to Relativity.

  • Introduction to Extension points
    Lists the available Extension Points.
  • Tutorials
    Tutorials to help you learn how to extend your own applications with RelativityOne.
  • Tools and resources
    Additional resources and tools that can be helpful for developers who want to extend with RelativityOne.
  • APIs and Services
    Lists the available extension APIs in the RelativityOne platform, including links to reference content for those APIs.