Tools and Resources

Review the following topics and links for information about resources and tools to facilitate development on the Relativity platform.

SDKs, APIs, NuGet packages, and templates

Tutorials and basic concepts

Developer Toolkit

The Developer Toolkit is a growing set of powerful tools used to streamline the process of building, testing, and deploying an application in RelativityOne. The following list includes brief a description and link to each tool that is currently available under the Developer Toolkit:

  • Local Debugger - a Visual Studio extension for locally debugging agents. To download this extension, see Local Debugger on Visual Studio Marketplace.
  • API Explorer - an interactive application that you can use to make calls to Kepler service endpoints directly in Relativity.
  • Publish to Relativity tool - a utility that simplifies application development by storing a reusable configuration for updating an existing custom page in an application and adding or updating resource files.
  • Relativity Testing Framework - a framework that assists with testing Relativity. It provides methods for the setup and teardown of test objects and is agnostic to the version of Relativity that you are testing against. The Relativity.Testing.Framework and Relativity.Testing.Framework.API are repositories that comprise Relativity.Testing.Framework. At a high level, Relativity.Testing.Framework handles configuration management and object models, while Relativity.Testing.Framework.API handles the interactions with the Relativity APIs. See the following resources for more on this tooling:

For more tools and applications, see Supporting applications in the RelativityOne product documentation. For more resources available to Relativity Developers, see Additional resources.