RelativityOne Sandbox

Note: This functionality is not currently available for FedRAMP customers / government entities.

RelativityOne Sandbox refers to a dedicated RelativityOne environment intended for functional testing of custom apps, and early access to upcoming breaking changes to Relativity. You can test SQL scripts, event handlers, API based applications, custom pages, and custom agents on the same architecture and infrastructure as production RelativityOne.

You should never put confidential data into Sandbox environments

  • Sandbox is a service that you must subscribe to. Please contact your Account Manager for more details.
  • You should never put confidential data into Sandbox environments.

Accessing Sandbox environments

Instance URLs for the Sandbox environment will be formatted as follows:

  • <customer name>

Managing user access to your Sandbox

Sandboxes have the same authentication methods as production RelativityOne environments. You can use the same methods to grant and remove access in Production and Sandboxes.

Upgrades of your Sandbox environments

Breaking changes and updates to the services that make up RelativityOne will be made available in Sandbox environments before production. Most services will deploy changes continuously throughout the month, while some services will only deploy changes during the monthly downtime window.

  • Notification window - you will be notified prior to the upgrade with proactive steps on how to ensure a successful upgrade.
  • Application errors - if an error occurs during the upgrade of applications, or if you cannot troubleshoot your application or detect a problem with the Relativity APIs after the upgrade, please contact Relativity Support.
  • Workspace errors - if a Workspace cannot be upgraded due to custom application errors, you are given options on how to proceed:
    • Troubleshooting the issue independently using DevHelp forums
    • Open a ticket with Relativity Support (reference the workspace error and that it happened during a Sandbox upgrade)
    • Deleting or disabling the workspace for future upgrades.

Note: If there is a new Windows update available to apply, your system will automatically reboot and apply the updates outside of local business hours (2AM US Central Time).

Sandbox extended downtime windows

RelativityOne Sandbox environments have regular downtime windows during which updates and/or version release upgrades are performed. This window occurs once a month from 9PM Sunday night to 3AM Monday morning (US Central Time)

Estimated Date Type Release Name / Version
Week of 2023-01-23 RelativityOne Feature Release 14.0 (February)
Week of 2023-02-20 RelativityOne Feature Release 14.1 (March)
Week of 2023-03-20 RelativityOne Feature Release 14.2 (April)
Week of 2023-04-17 RelativityOne Feature Release 14.3 (May)
Week of 2023-05-15 RelativityOne Feature Release 14.4 (June)
Week of 2023-06-12 RelativityOne Feature Release 14.5 (July)
Week of 2023-07-24 RelativityOne Feature Release 14.6 (August)
Week of 2023-08-21 RelativityOne Feature Release 14.7 (September)
Week of 2023-09-18 RelativityOne Feature Release 14.8 (October)
Week of 2023-10-16 RelativityOne Feature Release 14.9 (November)
Week of 2023-11-13 RelativityOne Feature Release 14.10 (December)

Using Sandboxes to troubleshoot custom applications

Sandboxes can be very useful for performing tests and reproducing issues with custom applications. If you encounter issues with your custom development, first reproduce the error in a Sandbox and use the available EDDS logging (legacy Sandboxes) or Log Extractor (new Sandboxes) to understand the root cause. The topic Debugging custom applications and support for custom applications provides guidance for how to troubleshoot and verify your custom code.

Differences between production and Sandbox environments


Sandbox environments are based on the same architecture as production RelativityOne. Sandboxes are intended for functional testing and not performance testing, and include service limits that are not present in production RelativityOne environments:

  • 10,000 documents per workspace, and 128GB total file storage
  • 32GB SQL storage, and limited SQL query throughput
  • No backups or redundancy for any data stored in a Sandbox
  • Reduced Agent start rate
  • Reduced Processing throughput
  • No Disaster Recovery
  • RelativityOne Sandbox is a functional test environment and not intended for performance testing.
  • Sandbox environments do not support client domains.
  • The region your Sandbox instance is deployed in may not match your RelativityOne deployment region. Please reach out to Support if you have questions.
  • Utility Server is not available in Sandboxes

  • Visual Studio Remote Debugging is not currently supported in Sandbox environments

Note: Visual Studio Remote Debugging is not currently allowed in Sandbox environments.

Sandbox Support policies

Sandbox environments do not have the same service level agreements as RelativityOne production instances.

Sandbox environments are considered testing environments. Issues with your primary RelativityOne production instances will always take precedence over a similar issue in a Sandbox environment. Furthermore, there is no such thing as a catastrophic or NIA incident for these environments. Response speed will be based on the relevant Relativity team handling the issue and their availability. Additionally, Relativity does not offer performance support for Sandbox environments (as noted in the Infrastructure section).