This tag allows you to define the orientation of your report as well as define various attributes about your report.




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Name Description Data Type Required
orientation allows you to determine how the Relativity script's run page's layout renders. Valid values:
  • vertical
  • horizontal
string no


Name Description
constant values (either static or user input) that get passed into the SQL action section.
sql if used, populates a drop-down menu with the return value of an inline SQL statement.
field allows you to reference Relativity case fields.
search if used, populates a drop-down list of saved searches in the inputs section. The selected search is then converted into the FROM clause of its respective saved search.
searchprovider if used, populates a drop-down list of search providers in the case. The selected value is converted into the selected search provider's ID.
object if used, populates the specified display type with the current instances of the specified object type.