This tag, if used, populates the specified display type with the current instances of the specified object type.



<object id = string
     name = string
     required = bool
     typeartifactid = integer
     rdoviewartifactid = integer
     displaytype = string
     typeartifactguid = string
     rdoviewartifactguid = string />        


Name Description Data Type Required
id determines how the field is referenced in the SQL action section of the script. string yes
name determines how the field appears to the user when the Relativity script runs. string yes
required controls whether or not the object field is required for the script to run. boolean no
typeartifactid the Artifact ID of the object field that you want to use inside of the Relativity script integer no
rdoviewartifactid the Artifact ID of the view for the object field that you want to appear inside the Relativity script. integer no
displaytype controls how the object renders inside the Relativity script:
  • singlepicker
  • multipicker
string yes
typeartifactguid specifies the object type's Artifact GUID. string no
rdoviewartifactguid specifies the view's Artifact GUID. string no

Note: You have to specify either the Artifact GUID or the Artifact ID of the view and object type for the field to render successfully.


     <name>Object Test Script</name>
     <category>Smoke Test 4</category>
     <input orientation="horizontal">
          <object id="Tab" name="Tab" displaytype="multipicker" typeartifactid="1035238" rdoviewartifactid="1034262" />
     <action returns="table">
               select top 10 * from [Tab]
               where [ArtifactID] in (#Tab#)