This tag, if used, populates a drop-down list of search providers in the case. The selected value is converted into the selected search provider's ID.


  • script
    1. input
      1. searchprovider


<searchprovider id = string
     name = string> 


Name Description Data Type Required
id determines how the field is referenced in the SQL action section of the script. string yes
name determines how the field appears to the user when the Relativity script runs. string yes
required the acceptable values for this attribute are true and false. If not set, the script interprets it as true. If the input is marked as required, its input section field is rendered as required. Boolean no


The search provider input allows you to enter a drop-down list of search providers in the workspace. Each search provider input must be assigned a search provider ID and name.


     <description> </description>
          <searchprovider id="SearchProvider" name="Search Index:" />
     <action returns="table">
               select [ArtifactID],[Name] from [SearchProvider] where [ArtifactID] = #SearchProvider#