Use scripts in Relativity

In Relativity, scripts are Relativity artifacts. This means they are securable and eligible for auditing, just like fields and views. On the Scripts tab in a workspace, you can select from the following script options:

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code example of a script body

  • Create New Workspace Script – allows a system admin to create and edit their own environment and workspace scripts in the Scripts tab.
  • Select from Script Library – allows any user with rights to add scripts to the workspace to choose from the predefined set of scripts in the Relativity Script Library. If you add a script to a workspace from the library, the workspace points to the library script. Any changes to the library script are automatically reflected in the workspace .

    Note: For more information on running a library script, see Scripts on the Relativity Documentation site.

  • Relativity Applications – associates the script with an application created on the Relativity Applications tab. All existing applications are available when you click ellipsis button. This option is available only to users who have the Manage Relativity Applications permission under Admin Operations. For information about applications, see Build Relativity applications.