Advanced tutorials (DevVM versions)

Note: These tutorials are based on using a DevVM environment. If you are using a RelativityOne Sandbox environment, please follow the tutorials located at Advanced Tutorials (RelativityOne Sandbox)

In this topic you’ll learn how to build your first Relativity application by completing these tasks:

  • Implement a complete application that imports data from Wikipedia into Relativity.
  • Use the Application Deployment System (ADS) to build the application. The ADS includes multiple extensibility points that assist you in the development of your custom applications.
  • Use Relativity APIs to create, read, update, delete, and query data on the server.
  • Use Relativity APIs to obtain context information about an application.
  • Work with Relativity extensibility points, including event handlers, agents, custom pages, and the Kepler framework for creating custom services.

Audience for this tutorial

This tutorial is designed for these types of Relativity developers:

  • New Relativity developers - Developers with no Relativity experience and a basic understanding of C#. REST APIs, and virtual machines (VM). The tutorial lessons introduce new concepts that build upon each other.
  • Experienced Relativity developers - Developers that only need to review Relativity features, look over code samples and screenshots in a lesson. The tutorial provides enough information to become familiar with a Relativity concept.

How to complete the tutorial

Since the lessons build on each other, complete them in order if you want to implement the entire application. Each lesson uses different functionality in your Relativity instance, so you can learn about Relativity workflows by completing them.

Estimated completion time

You must set up Community accounts and a development environment before you can begin the tutorial. For more information, see Lesson 1 - Set up your developer environment.

You can generally complete the tutorial in about 12 hours after your accounts have been approved and you have set up your development environment.


  • Custom Applications in the Repository workspace are prohibited