Supported JavaScript APIs on Relativity's main window

Relativity provides some supported JavaScript APIs on its main window. These APIs are rooted in an object called relativity, and the functions and properties defined within them are intended to be useful to Relativity Application developers' Custom Pages.

Relativity's main window does contain properties and functions directly on the window and even within the relativity object which are not specified here. Anything not specifically called out in this topic should be considered volatile and is subject to change or removal without warning; please avoid using them. All properties and functions on the main window which are not on the relativity object fall into this category, and should not be used. Notable examples that you might be using currently are listed here.

Surface listing



Object Supported Functions Supported Properties
  • getApplicationPath
  • getCurrencySymbol
  • getInstanceGuid
  • getKeplerApplicationPath
  • getRelativityApplicationWebResourceFile
  • getRelativityVersion
  • getRestApplicationPath

(While these properties themselves are supported, they are objects which may contain some properties which are not supported)

  • applicationPath
  • keplerApplicationPath
  • restApplicationPath
  • getApi
  • getClickTrackingElements
  • isActive
  • isReady
  • maximizeContent
  • openSupport
  • resetSessionExpirationTimeout
  • restoreContent
  • toggleTabStrip
  • errorApi (see below)
  • sessionActivityEvents
  • accessDenied
  • init
  • noView
  • permissionDenied
  • workspaceVersion
  • navigate
  • open
  • peekCurrentUrl
  • peekPreviousUrl
  • popAndNavigateToPreviousUrl
  • pushStateAndRecent
  • redirect
  • redirectHandler
  • toSearchOrDocument
  • toTag