API replacements for route redirections

Previously in Relativity, a Custom Page might want to have Relativity show an Error page or have Relativity handle a redirection to a search, tag, document, dashboard, applications, or default tab in a workspace. In these cases the Custom Page bore the responsibility to generate the URL and redirect to it. This responsibility has been alleviated with some newly available JavaScript APIs. Once Relativity Web Servers are deprecated these old routes may eventually be deprecated, so we recommend updating your application to use these APIs rather than handle its own redirections.

Route Replacement

Supplemental Information




Error Displays


/Relativity/403.aspx relativity.internal.errorApi.permissionDenied()
/Relativity/AccessDenied.aspx relativity.internal.errorApi.accessDenied()
/Relativity/ErrorInit.aspx relativity.internal.errorApi.init()
/Relativity/Error/NoViewError.htm relativity.internal.errorApi.noView()
/Relativity/Error/PermissionDenied.htm relativity.internal.errorApi.permissionDenied()
/Relativity/Error/PermissionDeniedPopup.htm relativity.internal.errorApi.permissionDenied()
/Relativity/WorkspaceVersion.aspx relativity.internal.errorApi.workspaceVersion()
Redirections relativity.navigation
(handling default tab, dashboard, and application links)
/Relativity/SearchLink.aspx relativity.navigation.toSearchOrDocument()
/Relativity/TagLink.aspx relativity.navigation.toTag()

Links and navigation

It is expected that a custom page may need to create and display a link, or ask Relativity to navigate or redirect to a location which isn't covered by the API replacements listed above. In these cases, while a link or scripted location assignment may work, Relativity has the functions navigate() and redirect() on the relativity.navigation API which will perform at least as well, if not better than a simple link. We urge you to construct your links inclusive of a click handler firing relativity.navigation.navigate(href) for better performance. The API also contains functions for checking and navigating to previously visited Relativity pages.

Removed Routes

The following routes are being removed entirely, and redirecting to them will result in a Page Not Found once Relativity Web Servers are deprecated.

  • /Relativity/About.aspx
  • /Relativity/Error/PageNotSecure.htm
  • /Relativity/Error/Redirect.aspx
  • /Relativity/Reconnect.aspx: The functionality which is normally desired by use of this route is to keep a session from expiring due to inactivity. There is a function resetSessionExpirationTimeout() on relativity.internal to provide this functionality.
  • /Relativity/SecureOnly.html: Relativity will always be https:// after Web Server deprecation