Relativity.StructuredAnalytics.Services.Interfaces.StructuredAnalytics.Models Namespace

Structured Analytics API Documentation
This namespace contains classes used for errors and operation results.

Public classAnalysisSettings
Settings that determine how a Structured Analytics Analysis is going to be executed.
Public classDocumentError
Represents details of an error that occurred while analyzing a document.
Public classOperationResult
Represents a general response object for most structured analytics API calls.
Public classStructuredAnalyticsSetError
Provides information about a non-document error that occurred during an analysis.
Public classValidTaskResult
Represents information about which tasks are currently available for a given Structured Analytics Set

Public enumerationDocumentErrorStatus
Specifies the action that the Analytics application takes when a document error occurs.
Public enumerationStructuredAnalyticsTask
Identifies a specific type of Structured Analytics API operation.