Relativity.Services.PivotProfile Namespace

Relativity Services API

Public classDashboard
Represents the settings to use for a Dashboard Pivots query.
Public classDashboardImage
Represents dashboard widget as image.
Public classDashboardPivot
Represents dashboard pivot chart.
Public classDashboardWidget
Base class for dashboard widgets.
Public classHeaderSettings
Represents header settings of the dashboard sheet.
Public classPivotBase
Public classPivotBaseToggleOptions
Represents additional pivot options.
Public classPivotProfileRef

Public enumerationPivotBaseChartOrientationOption
Specifies the orientation option for the Bar and StackedBar chart types.
Public enumerationPivotBaseChartTypeOption
Represents all available types of charts.
Public enumerationPivotBaseDateTimePartOption
Specifies how to summarize date-based data that is returned for a GroupBy or PivotOn field in a Pivot query.
Public enumerationPivotBaseResultLimitOption
Specify options to limit the result.
Public enumerationPivotBaseSortOnOption
Represents sort setting for the pivot query.
Public enumerationPivotBaseSortOrderOption
Represents the order in which records will be sorted.