Relativity.Audit.Services.Interface.ReviewerStatistics.Models Namespace

The Relativity.Audit.Services.Interface.ReviewerStatistics.Models namespace provides models for computing Audit reviewer statistics.

Public classActionCount
Total and Distinct Action counts.
Public classActionCountCriteria
Criteria to get Action counts.
Public classDocumentActionCountCriteria
Criteria to get document action count.
Public classDocumentActionCountResponse
Response container for document action counts per reviewer.
Public classDocumentActionCountStatistics
Represents a collection of counts grouped by actions which were performed against documents.
Public classDocumentActionPerHourOfDayCriteria
Criteria to get document Actions per hour of the day.
Public classDocumentActionPerHourOfDayResponse
Response container for document actions per hour the day per reviewer.
Public classDocumentActionPerHourOfDayStatistics
Action per hour of the day stats.
Public classHourOfDayActionCount
Action counts by hour of the day.
Public classReviewedChoiceCount
Reviewed Choice and it's count.
Public classReviewedDocumentSizeCriteria
Criteria to query reviewed document sizes.
Public classReviewedDocumentSizeResponse
Response for total reviewed document text size per reviewer.
Public classReviewedDocumentSizeStatistics
Total reviewed documents size.
Public classReviewedFieldChoices
Field and it's choices.
Public classReviewedFieldChoicesBuckets
Bucket that holds all the fields reviewed by the user.
Public classReviewedFieldChoicesPerUserResponse
Response container for reviewed choices count for users in a workspace.
Public classReviewerChoicesAndOverturnsCriteriaBase
This is the criteria base for Reviewer Choices and Overturns request.
Public classReviewerChoicesCriteria
Reviewer Choice request criteria.
Public classReviewersStats
Reviewer statistics for a user.
Public classReviewerStatisticsCriteria
Criteria to query Reviewer statistics.
Public classReviewerStatsDataRequest
Reviewer stats data request.
Public classReviewerWithStatisticsT
Reviewer with stats.
Public classReviewerWithStatisticsContainerT
A response container for a collection of reviewers with their corresponding statistics.
Public classUsageTimeCriteria
Criteria to get usage time metrics.
Public classUsageTimeResponse
Response for reviewers with their total usage time in minutes.
Public classUsageTimeStatistics
Usage time stats.

Public interfaceIStatistics

Public enumerationFieldTypes
Field types.