As part of the Relativity Services API (RSAPI) Deprecation, content on this page referring to the RSAPI and the Patient Tracker application is now deprecated and is no longer supported. For more information and alternative APIs, see RSAPI deprecation process.

Patient Tracker application

Patient Tracker is a simple application that demonstrates how to track metadata for different entities. It also illustrates how to validate and manipulate data. It uses features available in the Relativity platform to provide this custom functionality. Patient Tracker includes three different objects: the primary object called Patient, Doctor, and Insurance Company. It also contains an agent, a simple custom page, and multiple types of event handlers. You can review this application to gain a fundamental understanding about how to use these components to develop applications.

This page contains the following information:

View the source code

View the source code for the Patient Tracker application to gain a better understanding about how to build custom code. This source code includes the event handlers, custom pages and agents that are used in the application.

To view the source code, download the Patient file. Extract it to your local machine, and open the PatientTracker.sln in Visual Studio.

You can also explore how the application works by remotely debugging some of its components. See the following pages for debugging steps:

Install the application in Relativity

Use the following steps to install Patient Tracker in Relativity. In Relativity, confirm that you have the appropriate system admin permissions to install an application. For more information, see Security and Permissions on the Relativity Server2021 Documentation site.

  1. Download the Patient file and extract its contents to your machine.
  2. Log in to Relativity.
  3. Create a workspace where you want to install your application. For more information, see Workspaces on the Relativity Server2021 Documentation site.
  4. Click the Relativity Applications tab and then click New Relativity Application.
  5. In Application Type field, click Import from File.
  6. In File field, click Browse and select Patient Tracker application file. After you select the file, Relativity displays the metadata for the application.
  7. Click Import. Relativity automatically deploys all the components of the Patient Tracker application.
  8. Click View Application Details. From this view, you can create Patients, Doctors and Insurance companies to learn about how these components interact. For general information adding objects to an application, see Build your first application.