A key is a mechanism used to lock a script within Relativity. If a script has an associated key tag, then it will be locked. You can preview a locked script, but you can't modify it in any way regardless of your permissions. Once a script has been locked, it's no longer possible to edit it. On upgrade to a new version of Relativity, the installer may attempt to deploy new scripts in your Relativity environment. Any new scripts with a higher version and the same key as those in your current instance may be overwritten.



     <!-- string value -->            


     <name>Key Example</name>
     <description>This is an example script for using the key element</description>
     <input orientation="horizontal" />
     <display type="itemlist" />
     <action returns="table"><![CDATA[]]></action>

Edit a locked script

If you want to edit a locked script, preview the script and copy the body. Make your required edits then paste the body into a new script. Make sure you remove the key before saving if you want the script to be editable.