You can use this tag multiple times to pull back more than one data table from SQL.



<action timeout = string
     returns = string
     displaywarning = bool
     allowhtmltagsinoutput = bool
     name = string>
     <!-- children -->            


Name Description Data Type Required
timeout defines how long the script can run.
  • The value is in seconds
  • It's possible to enter "indefinite", which allows the script to run for an indefinite period of time.
  • If there is no value, the timeout defaults to 30 seconds.
string no
returns defines how query results are returned.
  • status returns the number of rows affected by the query.
  • table returns the output of the query in tabular form.
string yes
displaywarning If set to "true", allows a pop-up warning message to appear when running the script. By default, this is set to "true" if not included. boolean no
allowhtmltagsinoutput if set to "true", allows HTML tags to be interpreted by the browser instead of rendered as markup. boolean no
name the name used to reference the scripts in the item list drop-down menu as well as to populate the subreport header when displayed as a report. string no

Reference inputs

The body of an action is a SQL script that allows you to pass in inputs. Inputs are referenced in the body of the action by wrapping their ID values in # symbols.


When the following script runs, it replaces #dateReviewedField# with the actual column name of the field picked in the "Date Reviewed Field" drop-down menu. In addition, #dateReviewed# is replaced with the contents of the "Date Reviewed" field in the run page. Relativity inserts a CDATA tag. A CDATA tag is a token in XML that indicates anything following it up to the ]]> token is to be interpreted as unformatted text. This is important because, in SQL, the inequality operator is <>, which is an empty entity in an XML document. If you use <>, the resulting script would be invalid. This also means that you don't have to escape characters in that text block such as &.

     <name>Update Script</name>
     <constant id="dateReviewed" name="Date Reviewed" type="date"/>
     <field id="dateReviewedField" name="Date Reviewed Field">
     <action returns="status" name="Update Script" >
          [#dateReviewedField#] = '#dateReviewed#'