Creating a tab to bookmark an object

You can create new a tab that links directly to any web page or a location within Relativity. This is useful for bypassing list views or for going to specific locations.

If the target is a Relativity page or object, you need the ArtifactID.

To retrieve the ArtifactID:

  1. Navigate to the page or object From within a workspace. System admins may navigate to pages or objects in the Admin Mode area. The ArtifactID appears in the browser's URL for that page.
  2. The ArtifactID value follows the string beginning with ArtifactID=.
  3. In the image below, this text is ArtifactID=1035255 and ArtifactID value is 1035255.
    (Click to expand)

To create a bookmark tab:

  1. Navigate to the Tabs tab, and then click New Tab.
  2. Complete the following fields:

    • Name - the name for the new tab. The name must be between 1 and 50 characters.
    • Order - the numerical position of the tab. The lower the Order value is, the more the new tab appears to the left in the tab strip. Click View Order to display a list of active tabs and their current order. 
    • Link Type - select External from the menu. The Link field displays below the Parent field.
    • Parent - optionally specifies the parent workspace tab for this new tab to appear under. Leave as Select..., the default value, for the new tab to appear as a separate tab in the tab strip.
    • Link - enter one of following options:
      • The URL of a non-Relativity target webpage. For example, enter or
      • The ArtifactID of a Relativity page or object, specified in this format: ObjectArtifactIdentifier=identifier, where identifier is the ArtifactID.
    • For example, in the dialog below, the Link value is ObjectArtifactIdentifier=1035255

    • Is Default - select Yes to set this tab as the default when a reviewer logs in; otherwise, select No.
    • Relativity Applications - click to associate this tab with an application.
  3. Click Save
    The tab appears immediately in the tab strip.