Basic tutorials

These simple tutorials will help you get started with building applications and customizations on the Relativity Platform. Each tutorial is independent, and you can complete them in any sequence.

  • Make your first REST call - learn about how to connect to an API in a RelativityOne instance by making a REST call. This tutorial explores the fundamentals of Relativity's API communication.
  • Build your first Relativity application in the UI - create a simple application that includes two Relativity Dynamic Objects (RDOs) with a many-to-many relationship between them, and then export the application as a RAP file that you can use to install the application in another workspace.
  • Build your first custom page - create a simple custom page available from an external tab in Relativity.
  • Build your first event handler - create a simple event handler that updates the Name field on a Relativity Dynamic Object (RDO).
  • Build your first agent - create a simple agent that raises the message: Hello World! The current time is: <time>.

If you are ready to move on to more advanced tutorials, see the Advanced Tutorials guide.