An instance of the Convenience API

Properties Details

Action Bar

Includes methods for creating and updating the contents of an action bar.

Additional Data

Provides a method for getting additional data.

Application Paths

Represents an object used to supply application paths specific to Relativity.


Provides property and methods for creating a console on a page.


Provides access to certain constants used globally in an application.


Provides methods for quickly accessing and modifying fields.

Date Time

Represents a date-time value formatter.

File Field

An API exposed to manage files for file fields.

Item List Data Provider Factory

Factory that can be used to create ItemListDataProviders which can be used in single and multi-list picker modals

Item List Helper

Includes methods for quickly accessing and modifying item lists.


Represents an i18n object that contains methods used for application internationalization.


Modifies layouts.

Log Factory

Returns an instance of logger.

Provides a service that can be used to open various modals in an application.

Model Transformer

An API exposed to transform data coming into and out of Relativity Forms.

Helper methods for navigation.


Represents a permission object exposed as a part of the Event Handler API. It is used to check actions allowed for an object of a specific object type in a given workspace.

Provides a service used to open pop-up windows.

Preview Security

Provides a collection of methods for utilizing Preview Security mode.

Promise Factory

Provides a factory containing methods for returning promises.

Relativity Forms Popup

Includes methods for creating pop-up windows through the Relativity Forms API.

Static Text Helper

An API exposed to get information about custom text fields.

Get Current Form State

A function that generates a frozen view-model with reduced surface area.

Relativity HTTP Client

Provides methods for making requests to Relativity REST services hosted by a Relativity instance.

Review Queue Browser

Provides methods for programmatically navigating through the review queue.


Provides properties and methods related to a user.


Includes various utility functions.


Represents an object used to aid form validation process.