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Relativity Review overview

Relativity Review is an updated Relativity document review application that you can use to review, annotate, and code documents in a workspace. It offers performance and extensibility improvements over the current HTML viewer.

Beginning with Relativity 10.2 Foxglove, Relativity Review supports a full review platform. It currently powers only the image and production viewers within the existing document viewer.

Key features currently available through the Relativity Review API include:

  • An entirely new user interface that you can configure to display just the converted document, without the coding pane, toolbars, or any other UI elements.
  • The new Review Interface used for rendering converted document and production images. This new functionality replaces the PDFTron technology currently used for displaying images and productions in the HTML viewer.

    Note: Relativity users will benefit from performance improvements made to image and production viewer navigation with little or no impact on their current workflows. However, Relativity Review requires upgrading any custom integrations that you have implemented for the HTML viewer. For more information, see Upgrade considerations for viewer integrations.

This page contains the following information:

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Relativity Review API suite

To support extensibility, the Relativity Review API is a suite of APIs that you can use to build and maintain Review Interface integrations. They include JavaScript classes and functions with the following features:

  • Highlight and Redaction APIs - support integrations used for creating and editing redactions and highlights. They also listen for user-created redactions and highlights.
  • Zoom APIs - are used for setting the zoom level and zoom mode.

Enable or disable Relativity Review

You have the option to enable or disable Relativity Review in your instances of Relativity. This option is controlled by the following instance setting:

  • Name - ImageViewerIsHTMLConversionType
  • Instance settings table section - Relativity.DocumentViewer
  • Value - The default value is true in Foxglove and above releases.
  • Description - Set the value to true if you want to use the Review Interface technology for rendering images and productions in the viewer. Set the value to false if you want the viewer to use the legacy PDFTron technology.

When the setting is set to "True", Relativity Review is enabled.