Basic concepts for the application framework

Review these basic concepts to learn more about using the Application Deployment System (ADS) as your application framework.

This page contains the following information:

Package applications

Use the ADS to package the custom applications that you develop. In the Relativity UI, you can add Relativity Dynamic Objects (RDOs), fields, layouts, choices, views, tabs, and other data objects to your application. The ADS provides a framework for packaging both the objects that you develop in Relativity UI, and custom assemblies that you upload. It also includes functionality that facilitates exporting applications for deployment in other workspaces and Relativity instances. See Create an application in Relativity.

View component GUIDs

You can view component GUIDs for applications when you enable Developer mode.

Use these steps to view GUIDs:

  1. Confirm that Developer mode is active in your environment. The Developer mode banner should appear at the top of Relativity pages.
  2. Click the Relativity Applications tab in the workspace containing your application.
  3. Click the application name to display the details view.

    Show Component Guids link on the Relativity Application console

  4. Click Show Component GUIDs to display the Application Components page. It lists GUIDs and other information.

    list of application components and their GUIDs