Relativity.Services.Search Namespace

Relativity Services API
The kCura.Service.Search namespace contains the classes for interacting with Relativity saved search services.

Public classAdvancedSearchViewInfo
Fields required by advanced search filtering
Public classAnalyticsSearch
Represents an instance of analytics search. Relativity analytics search enables semantic analysis of large data sets.
Public classAnalyticsSearchQueryResultSet
Analytics Search Query Result Set
Public classCriteria
Singular Criteria class.
Public classCriteriaBase
CriteriaBase class.
Public classCriteriaCollection
Collection of Criteria classes.
Public classCriteriaCondition
The CriteriaCondition class.
Public classCriteriaConditionBase
Base class for Criteria Conditions
Public classCriteriaDateCondition
The CriteriaDateCondition class.
Public classDataGridSearch
Represents an instance of DataGrid search.
Public classdtSearch
Represent an instance of dtSearch. Relativity's dtSearch engine provides advanced search functionality such as proximity, stemming, fuzzy searches, and Boolean operators.
Public classdtSearchQueryResultSet
dtSearch Query Result Set
Public classKeywordSearch
Represents an instance of keyword search. Keyword search (or SQL index search) is Relativity's default search engine.
Public classKeywordSearchQueryResultSet
Keyword Search Query Result Set
Public classSavedSearchContainerItem
SavedSearchContainerItem information.
Public classSavedSearchContainerItemPermissions
Permission for saved search item
Public classSavedSearchMoveResultSet
Represents the output of a saved search move operation, including status information.
Public classSavedSearchRef
Represents a saved search reference.
Public classSearchAccessStatus
Provides information on existence and actions which can be taken on the Saved Search.
Public classSearchContainer
Represents a search container
Public classSearchContainerItem
SearchContainerItem information.
Public classSearchContainerItemCollection
SearchContainer tree information for a given SearchContainer.
Public classSearchContainerItemPermissions
Permissions for search folder item
Public classSearchContainerMoveResultSet
Represents the output of a search container move operation, including status information.
Public classSearchContainerQueryResultSet
Search Container Query Result Set
Public classSearchContainerRef
Represents a saved search folder reference.
Public classSearchProvider
Represents an instance of a search provider
Public classSearchProviderCondition
Contains the necessary parameters to execute a Search Provider search.
Public classSearchProviderMarkup
Represents an instance of search provider markup
Public classSearchProviderResultSet
Object that is returned when making calls to the Search Provider Manager service
Public classSearchResultViewFields
The ArtifactID and Name for Field's that can be entered in the Includes property of a Search.
Public classSearchTypes
Search Provider Types

Public interfaceIAnalyticsSearchManager
IAnalyticsSearchManager interface enables interaction with Relativity analytics search.
Public interfaceIdtSearchManager
IdtSearchManager interface enables interaction with Relativity dtSearch.
Public interfaceIKeywordSearchManager
IdtSearchManager interface enables interaction with Relativity dtSearch.
Public interfaceISavedSearch
Provides common properties of Saved Search classes.
Public interfaceISearchContainerManager
Search Container Manager.
Public interfaceISearchCriteriaAssociable
Defines an artifact that can be associated with Search Criteria.
Public interfaceISearchModule
Search Manager Interface
Public interfaceISearchProviderManager
ISearchProviderManager interface enables querying for search providers and their markup within a Relativity workspace.

Public enumerationBooleanOperatorEnum
CriteriaOperator enumeration.
Public enumerationCriteriaConditionEnum
Defines the types of comparison operators available against Criteria Conditions.
Public enumerationCriteriaDateConditionEnum
Defines the types of comparison operators available against Criteria Date Conditions.
Public enumerationDateTimeRange
Defines the Range values for when the DateTimeConditionEnum is set to 'In'
Public enumerationMonth
Defines the Months for when the DateTimeRange is equal to MonthOf
Public enumerationScopeType
Search Type