Relativity.Services.Interfaces.UserInfo.Models Namespace

Relativity Services API
The Relativity.Services.Interfaces.UserInfo.Models namespace contains classes used for interacting retrieving user information.

Public classDocumentViewerProperties
Represents properties that are related to the document viewer.
Public classUserInfo
Represents information about a user obtain from the admin-level context.
Public classUserInfoQueryResultSet
Represents a list of users matching the conditions specified in a query.
Public classUserRequest
Represents a DTO used as a request for creating or updating a user.
Public classUserResponse
Represents the results of a read operation on a user.
Public classUserSettingRequest
Represents a request for updating a user's settings.
Public classUserSettingResponse
Represents the results of a read operation on a user's settings.

Public enumerationDocumentSkip
Enum of the default status of Document Skip for a user.
Public enumerationDocumentViewer
Enum of the different document viewer modes a user can access.
Public enumerationDocumentViewerFileType
Enum of all the possible file types for the default viewer mode.