Relativity.Services.Interfaces.Agent.Models Namespace

Relativity Services API
The Relativity.Services.Interfaces.Agent.Models namespace contains the classes and enumeration used for performing CRUD and other operations through the Agent Manager service.

Public classAgentInstanceLimitResult
Represents information about how the limit on the maximum or minimum number of an agent type has been violated.
Public classAgentRequest
Represents a DTO used as a request for creating or updating an agent.
Public classAgentResponse
Represents the results of a read operation on an agent.
Public classAgentServerResponse
Represents information about an agent server.
Public classAgentTypeResponse
Represents information about an agent type.

Public enumerationAgentEventLevel
Indicates the minimum level of detail of agent messages are logged to the Event Viewer.
Public enumerationAgentInstanceLimit
Indicates when a minimum or maximum limit for agents allowed in an Relativity environment, server, or resource pool has been violated.