Relativity.Services.Field Namespace

Relativity Services API
The Relativity.Services.Fields namespace contains the classes for interacting with fields through Relativity Kepler services, for example, saved search services.

Public classFieldMetadata
Represents basic Field data
Public classFieldRef
Represents a Field Reference.
Public classSecurityFieldRef
Represents the special Relativity View field that indicates if a RelativityObject has had its individual secuirty overridden, and if the user has permission to edit that items security.
Public classSecurityFieldValue
The Security Field is a special field in Relativity Views. When you request its value, the value is returned as an instance of SecurityFieldValue indicating if the returned object has its individual security overridden and if the querying user has permission to modify this objects security

Public interfaceIViewFieldAssociable
Defines an artifact that can be associated with View Fields.