kCura.IntegrationPoints.SourceProviderInstaller Namespace

Relativity Integration Points API
The kCura.IntegrationPoints.SourceProviderInstaller namespace includes the classes and delegates used to register the provider with Relativity and uninstall the provider from a workspace.

Public classIntegrationPointSourceProviderInstaller
Registers the new data source providers with Relativity Integration Points.
Public classIntegrationPointSourceProviderUninstaller
Removes a data source provider when the user uninstalls the application from a workspace.
Public classInvalidSourceProviderException
This exception is thrown when an error occurs during the installation of a data source provider.

Public delegatePostInstallPostExecuteEvent
Occurs after all source providers are registered.
Public delegatePostInstallPreExecuteEvent
Occurs immediately before the execution of a Post Install event handler.
Public delegatePreUninstallPostExecuteEvent
Occurs after the source provider is removed from the database table.
Public delegatePreUninstallPreExecuteEvent
Occurs immediately before the execution of a Pre Uninstall event handler.