Relativity.Services.Exceptions Namespace

Relativity Kepler
The Relativity.Kepler.Exceptions namespace contains exception types that may be thrown by a Kepler Service.

Public classConflictException
Exception class for Kepler representing HTTP status code "Conflict" 409. Conflict indicates that the request could not be carried out because of a conflict on the server.
Public classDataConcurrencyException
Public classExceptionIdentifierAttribute
Attribute used to map error types from server to client.
Public classFaultCodeAttribute
This attribute is used to attach an HTTP status code to an exception such that, when thrown, the status code is returned in the HTTP response.
Public classFaultSafeAttribute
Attribute used to indicate which properties of a wrapped exception to include in the APIExceptionWrapper.
Public classNotAuthorizedException
Represents the exception that occurs during the scope validation.
Public classNotFoundException
Public classServiceException
This is the base class for any exception that might come from the service.
Public classServiceInfrastructureException
Public classServiceSerializationException
An Exception thrown for a Serialization or Deserialization error.
Public classValidationException
Represents the exception that occurs during validation of data.

Public enumerationServiceSerializationExceptionServiceSerializationExceptionID
An enumeration of Serialization Exception ID's.