kCura.EventHandler Namespace

Relativity Event Handlers
The EventHandler namespace contains fundamental classes and base classes that define events and event handlers.

Public classApplication
Creates application instances.
Public classArtifact
Creates artifact instances.
Public classChoice
Creates choice instances.
Public classChoiceCollection
A class used to as a container for choice values.
Public classChoiceFieldValue
Creates choice field value instances.
Public classConsole
Creates console instances.
Public classConsoleButton
Creates console button instances.
Public classConsoleControlTitle
Creates a Blue Console Title
Public classConsoleEventHandler
Creates console event handler instances.
Public classConsoleHeader
Creates a Relativity styled header.
Public classConsoleLinkButton
Creates a styled link button with the LinkButtonCssClass default CSS class.
Public classConsoleLiteral
Creates console literal instances.
Public classConsoleSeparator
Creates a Relativity styled separator.
Public classConstants
Contains default CSS class names for a variety of console components.
Public classDatabaseConnection
Creates database connection instances.
Public classEventHandlerBase
This is a base class for event handlers.
Public classField
Creates field instances.
Public classFieldCollection
Creates a collection of fields.
Public classFieldValue
Creates field value instances.
Public classFileFieldValue
Creates file field value instances.
Public classFileValue
Creates file field value instances.
Public classHelper
Helper class containing numerous enums useful for event handlers.
Public classInstallEventHandlerBase
Base class for install event handler instances.
Public classLayout
Creates layout instances.
Public classPageInteractionEventHandler
Defines Page Interaction Event Handler.
Public classPostCopyEventHandler
Defines a Post Copy event handler.
Public classPostInstallEventHandler
Creates post install event handler instances.
Public classPostSaveEventHandler
Defines a Post Save event handler.
Public classPostWorkspaceCreateEventHandlerBase
Defines Post Workspace Create Event Handler base class.
Public classPreCascadeDeleteEventHandler
Defines a Pre Cascade Delete event handler.
Public classPreCopyEventHandler
Defines a Pre Copy event handler.
Public classPreDeleteEventHandler
Defines a Pre Delete event handler.
Public classPreInstallEventHandler
Creates pre install event handler instances.
Public classPreLoadEventHandler
Defines a Pre Load event handler.
Public classPreMassDeleteEventHandler
Defines a Pre Mass Delete event handler.
Public classPreSaveEventHandler
Defines a Pre Save event handler.
Public classPreUninstallEventHandler
Creates pre uninstall event handler instances.
Public classPreWorkspaceDeleteEventHandlerBase
Defines Pre Workspace Delete Event Handler base class.
Public classResponse
Defines a response object for event handlers.
Public classSaveEventHandler
Defines a Save event handler.
Public classScriptBlock
Defines a script block for event handlers.
Public classUriImprinter
Imprints a query value onto a URL.
Public classUser
Creates a user instances.
Public classWorkspaceEventHandlerBase
Base class for Workspace Event Handlers.

Public interfaceICanExecuteWithLimitedContext
Functions as a marker interface for executing event handlers without context information through the Object Manager service.
Public interfaceIConsoleElement
Provides the interface for console elements.
Public interfaceIConsoleItem
Provides the interface for console items.
Public interfaceIDataEnabled
Allows event handlers to interact with a database.
Public interfaceIExecutable
Allows event handlers to run execute method.
Public interfaceIInstallEventHandlerProperties
Interface that defines storage properties needed by the InstallEventHandlerBase class
Public interfaceIPostExecuteActionAware
Public interfaceIRequiredFields
Allows event handlers to get required fields property.
Public interfaceIStreamFactory
Public interfaceISuppressDelete
When implemented by a PreCascadeDeleteEventHandler, signals that the event handler will execute the delete instead of Relativity. With this event handler, default delete behavior can be continued as normal by adding the ContinueDefaultDelete PostExecuteAction to the event hander's Execute response

Public enumerationConsoleEventHandlerPageEvent
Page events; currently only Load and PreRender are handled.
Public enumerationHelperEventHandlerType
Enum specifying event handler types.
Public enumerationHelperPageMode
Enum specifying page modes.
Public enumerationHelperRunTargets
An enum type which specifies values available for a RunTarget custom attribute class.