Download the SDKs and NuGet packages

You can obtain the SDKs required to extend core functionality and implement custom applications using one of the following methods:

SDK name Download method
Analytics Index Manager API SDK SDK download
Audit APIs NuGet link
Document Viewer Services SDK SDK download
dtSearch Manager SDK Nuget link
Imaging API NuGet link
Import API SDK NuGet link
Integration Points SDK SDK download - v12.3*
Kepler API SDK NuGet link
Processing API SDK NuGet link
Productions API SDK NuGet link
Relativity Services SDK (Relativity Server 2021) SDK download - v11.1.514.7
Short Message Format Validator SDK NuGet link
Structured Analytics SDK SDK download

*The Integration Points SDK - v12.3 backward compatible with Relativity Server releases.

Note: To obtain older versions of the SDKs, search on the name or version number in the Community, and then select the Files tab in the search results. You can also find the a list of downloads on the Files page under Libraries.