RepositoryGroup Class

Relativity Services API
The group of repositories.
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Namespace:  kCura.Relativity.Client.Repositories
Assembly:  kCura.Relativity.Client (in kCura.Relativity.Client.dll) Version: 588f15fd7550dbf54835f3417a0142d4ea37dbb5

public class RepositoryGroup

The RepositoryGroup type exposes the following members.


Public propertyBatch Obsolete.
The Batch Repository.
Public propertyBatchSet Obsolete.
The BatchSet Repository.
Public propertyChoice Obsolete.
The Choice Repository.
Public propertyClient Obsolete.
The Client Repository
Public propertyDocument
The Document Repository.
Public propertyError Obsolete.
The Error Repository
Public propertyField Obsolete.
The Field Repository.
Public propertyFolder
The Folder Repository
Public propertyGroup Obsolete.
The Group Repository.
Public propertyLayout Obsolete.
The Layout Repository
Public propertyMarkupSet Obsolete.
The MarkupSet Repository
Public propertyObjectType Obsolete.
The Object Type (Artifact Type) Repository
Public propertyRDO
The Artifact Repository.
Public propertyRelativityApplication Obsolete.
The Relativity Application Repository.
Public propertyRelativityScript Obsolete.
The Relativity Script Repository
Public propertyTab Obsolete.
The Tab Repository.
Public propertyUser Obsolete.
The User Repository.
Public propertyView Obsolete.
The View Repository
Public propertyWorkspace Obsolete.
The Workspace Repository

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