IGenericRepositoryTQuery Method

Relativity Services API
Queries Relativity to find Artifacts matching the selection criteria.

Namespace:  kCura.Relativity.Client.Repositories
Assembly:  kCura.Relativity.Client (in kCura.Relativity.Client.dll) Version: 588f15fd7550dbf54835f3417a0142d4ea37dbb5

QueryResultSet<T> Query(
	Query<T> query,
	int length = 0


Type: kCura.Relativity.Client.DTOsQueryT
The Query object that indicates the query to execute.
length (Optional)
Type: SystemInt32
The maximum number of Artifacts to return. Additional results may be fetched by calling QuerySubset.

Return Value

Type: QueryResultSetT
A QueryResult object that provides the first length number of items. If more than length search results are available, the QueryResult.QueryToken property will be set.
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