Relativity.IntegrationPoints.SourceProviderInstaller Namespace

Relativity Integration Points API
The Relativity.IntegrationPoints.SourceProviderInstaller namespace includes the classes and delegates used to register the provider with Relativity and uninstall the provider from a workspace.

Public classIntegrationPointSourceProviderInstaller
Registers the new data source providers with Relativity Integration Points.
Public classIntegrationPointSourceProviderUninstaller
Removes a data source provider when the user uninstalls the application from a workspace.
Public classInvalidSourceProviderException
This exception is thrown when an error occurs during the installation of a data source provider.
Public classProviderFactoryBase
The abstract class from which all provider factory classes are derived.

Public delegatePostInstallPostExecuteEvent
Occurs after all source providers are registered.
Public delegatePostInstallPreExecuteEvent
Occurs immediately before the execution of a Post Install event handler.
Public delegatePreUninstallPostExecuteEvent
Occurs after the source provider is removed from the database table.
Public delegatePreUninstallPreExecuteEvent
Occurs immediately before the execution of a Pre Uninstall event handler.