ProductionStatus Enumeration

The enum defines valid values for Relativity production status.

Namespace:  Relativity.Productions.Services
Assembly:  Relativity.Productions.Services.Interfaces (in Relativity.Productions.Services.Interfaces.dll) Version: 9c084404c128f715df772c7792aa49f21535523c

public enum ProductionStatus

  Member nameValueDescription
New0 The production set is set up, but no data sources are added.
Staging1 Relativity is staging the production.
Staged2 Staging is complete.
StagingError3 Relativity experienced an error when building the list of documents for production. Make sure to correct the staging errors and restage the production before you run the production.
Waiting4 Obsolete - Use Queued for Staging or Queued for Production
Producing5 Relativity is assigning production numbers to the documents.
Branding6 Relativity is branding the images.
Produced7 The production is complete and ready for export.
Error8 Relativity experienced an error while producing the documents.
ProducedWithErrors9 Relativity produced the documents with errors.
ProducingCreatingPlaceholderImages10 Relativity is creating slipsheets for the production.
ProducingCreatingAndApplyingBatesNumbers11 Relativity is applying Bates numbers to the production.
ProducingCreatingBrandingQueueRecords12 Relativity is creating records for the Branding queue.
StagingRunningSavedSearches13 Relativity is running saved searches associated with the production data source.
StagingCleaningUpData14 Relativity pre-sorts the documents and deletes any Production Information objects that may already exist if the production is being restaged.
StagingCreatingProductionInformationRecords15 Relativity is creating the Production Information records associated with the production.
Canceling16 Relativity is canceling the production process.
ProducingCleaningExistingFiles17 Relativity is cleaning up the existing files associated with the production.
QueuedForStaging18 Staging Job has been created in the queue but has not been picked up by an agent
QueuedForProduction19 Run Production Job has been created in the queue but has not been picked up by an agent
QueuedForBranding20 Run Production Job has been created in the queue after the producing steps. Waiting for branding agents to begin work
StartingProduction21 Status entered when automatically running a production, after Staged but before Producing
ErrorStartingProduction22 Status entered when the StartingProduction status has errored.
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