OcrLanguage Enumeration

Relativity Processing Services
The language used to OCR files when text extraction is not possible. Thai has been removed because it is not supported.

Namespace:  Relativity.Processing.Services
Assembly:  Relativity.Processing.Services.Interfaces (in Relativity.Processing.Services.Interfaces.dll) Version: b44b4b567bbab080f9f68472e841682bf13da2db

public enum OcrLanguage

  Member nameValueDescription
Afrikaans0 Afrikaans
Albanian1 Albanian
Aymara2 Aymara
Basque3 Basque
Bemba4 Bemba
Blackfoot5 Blackfoot
Breton6 Breton
Bugotu7 Bugotu
BulgarianCyrillic8 BulgarianCyrillic
ByelorussianCyrillic9 ByelorussianCyrillic
Catalan10 Catalan
Chamorro11 Chamorro
Chechen12 Chechen
ChuanaOrTswana13 ChuanaOrTswana
Corsican14 Corsican
Croatian15 Croatian
Crow16 Crow
Czech17 Czech
Danish18 Danish
Dutch19 Dutch
English20 English
Eskimo21 Eskimo
Esperanto22 Esperanto
Estonian23 Estonian
Faroese24 Faroese
Fijian25 Fijian
Finnish26 Finnish
French27 French
Frisian28 Frisian
Friulian29 Friulian
GaelicIrish30 GaelicIrish
GaelicScottish31 GaelicScottish
Galician32 Galician
GandaOrLuganda33 GandaOrLuganda
German34 German
Greek35 Greek
Guarani36 Guarani
Hani37 Hani
Hawaiian38 Hawaiian
Hungarian39 Hungarian
Icelandic40 Icelandic
Ido41 Ido
Indonesian42 Indonesian
Interlingua43 Interlingua
Italian44 Italian
Japanese45 Japanese
Kabardian46 Kabardian
Kashubian47 Kashubian
Kawa48 Kawa
Kikuyu49 Kikuyu
Kongo50 Kongo
Korean51 Korean
Kpelle52 Kpelle
Kurdish53 Kurdish
Latin54 Latin
Latvian55 Latvian
Lithuanian56 Lithuanian
Luba57 Luba
LuleSami58 LuleSami
Luxembourgian59 Luxembourgian
MacedonianCyrillic60 MacedonianCyrillic
Malagasy61 Malagasy
Malay62 Malay
Malinke63 Malinke
Maltese64 Maltese
Maori65 Maori
Mayan66 Mayan
Miao67 Miao
Minankabaw68 Minankabaw
Mohawk69 Mohawk
MoldavianCyrillic70 MoldavianCyrillic
Nahuatl71 Nahuatl
NorthernSami72 NorthernSami
Norwegian73 Norwegian
Nyanja74 Nyanja
Occidental75 Occidental
Ojibway76 Ojibway
Papiamento77 Papiamento
PidginEnglish78 PidginEnglish
Polish79 Polish
Portuguese80 Portuguese
PortugueseBrazilian81 PortugueseBrazilian
Provencal82 Provencal
Quechua83 Quechua
Rhaetic84 Rhaetic
Romanian85 Romanian
Romany86 Romany
Ruanda87 Ruanda
Rundi88 Rundi
RussianCyrillic89 RussianCyrillic
Sami90 Sami
Samoan91 Samoan
Sardinian92 Sardinian
SerbianCyrillic93 SerbianCyrillic
SerbianLatin94 SerbianLatin
Shona95 Shona
SimplifiedChinese96 SimplifiedChinese
Sioux97 Sioux
Slovak98 Slovak
Slovenian99 Slovenian
Somali100 Somali
SothoOrSutoOrSesuto101 SothoOrSutoOrSesuto
SouthernSami102 SouthernSami
Spanish103 Spanish
Sundanese104 Sundanese
Swahili105 Swahili
Swazi106 Swazi
Swedish107 Swedish
Tagalog108 Tagalog
Tahitian109 Tahitian
Tinpo110 Tinpo
Tongan111 Tongan
TraditionalChinese112 TraditionalChinese
Tun113 Tun
Turkish114 Turkish
UkrainianCyrillic115 UkrainianCyrillic
Visayan116 Visayan
Welsh117 Welsh
WendOrSorbian118 WendOrSorbian
Wolof119 Wolof
Xhosa120 Xhosa
Zapotec121 Zapotec
Zulu122 Zulu
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