ProcessingDataSourceIsStartNumberVisible Property

Relativity Processing Services
Determines whether Relativity displays the Start Number field in the UI.

Namespace:  Relativity.Processing.Services
Assembly:  Relativity.Processing.Services.Interfaces (in Relativity.Processing.Services.Interfaces.dll) Version: b44b4b567bbab080f9f68472e841682bf13da2db

public Nullable<bool> IsStartNumberVisible { get; set; }

Property Value

Type: NullableBoolean

If IsStartNumberVisible is true, the Relativity UI displays the Start Number field in the Data Source layout. The IsStartNumberVisible property must be set to true if StartNumber is an integer. Additionally, when the IsStartNumberVisible property for an existing data source is true, you can’t update this setting to false or null. This requirement ensures that Relativity consistently displays the Start Number field after it initially appears in the UI.
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