GetDocumentAggregatesRequestPage Property

Relativity Processing Services
Specifies the number used to identify a specific page of processing sets to return in the results set. This property is optional and set to the first page (0) by default.

Namespace:  Relativity.Processing.Services
Assembly:  Relativity.Processing.Services.Interfaces (in Relativity.Processing.Services.Interfaces.dll) Version: b44b4b567bbab080f9f68472e841682bf13da2db

public int Page { get; set; }

Property Value

Type: Int32

You have the option to specify the page containing a group of processing sets in your results. For example, you have 4 processing sets in your workspace, and you set the PageSize property to 2. Your results include:

  • Page 0 - contains the first two processing sets.
  • Page 1 - contains the last two processing sets.

If you set the Page property to 1, then your results include only the last two processing sets.

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