DeduplicationSettingsPropagateDeduplicationData Property

Relativity Processing Services
Gets or sets a Boolean value indicating the whether to populate specific metadata fields on parent and children documents.

Namespace:  Relativity.Processing.Services
Assembly:  Relativity.Processing.Services.Interfaces (in Relativity.Processing.Services.Interfaces.dll) Version: b44b4b567bbab080f9f68472e841682bf13da2db

public Nullable<bool> PropagateDeduplicationData { get; set; }

Property Value

Type: NullableBoolean

When this property is true, the following metadata fields are populated for parent and children documents: All Custodians, Deduped Custodians, All Paths/Locations, and Deduped Paths. When this property is false, the above fields are only populated on the parent documents. This property is required only when you set the DeduplicationMethod field to Global or Custodial.
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