ImportBulkArtifactJob Class

Relativity Import APIs
Provides the functionality for importing Artifacts into a workspace, setting import parameters, loading data, and retrieving messages from the OnMessage event.
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Namespace:  kCura.Relativity.DataReaderClient
Assembly:  Relativity.DataExchange.Client.SDK (in Relativity.DataExchange.Client.SDK.dll) Version: 1.5.0

public class ImportBulkArtifactJob : IImportNotifier, 

The ImportBulkArtifactJob type exposes the following members.


Public methodImportBulkArtifactJob
Creates a new job to import Artifacts in bulk.

Public propertyBulkLoadFileFieldDelimiter Obsolete.
Gets or sets the field delimiter to use when writing out the bulk load file. Line delimiters will be this value plus a line feed.
Public propertySettings
Gets or sets the current settings for the import job.
Public propertySourceData
Represents an instance of the SourceIDataReader, which contains data for import. This property is required.

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Public methodExecute
Executes the DataReaderClient, which operates as an iterator over a data source.
Public methodExportErrorFile
Exports the error file for an import job. This file is written only when errors occur.
Public methodExportErrorReport
Exports the error log file for an import job. This file is written only when errors occur.
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Public eventOnComplete
Occurs when all the data for an import job has been processed. Raised at the end of an import.
Public eventOnError
Occurs when an error is found.
Public eventOnFatalException
Occurs when an import job suffers a fatal exception and aborts. Raised at the end of an import.
Public eventOnMessage
Occurs when a call is made to the Execute method. This event contains a status message.
Public eventOnProcessProgress
Occurs when a status message needs to be presented to the user related to the Process.
Public eventOnProgress
Occurs when a record has been processed.
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